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Jan Powers Farmers Markets George St end of the Queen St mall in front of the Casino every Wednesday from 6 till 6!

We bring the country to the city with farm fresh fruit and veg, fresh juices, ginger beer, popcorn, honey, bread, biscuits, bagels, fresh pasta, hot smoked salmon, meat, seafood, small goods and of course hot foods from around the world.. Forget soul food, enjoy Soil food in the city every Wednesday.


Brisbane City Markets
WHEN: Every Wednesday
TIME: 10am – 6pm
WHERE: Queen St Mall, Bridge End


  1. I would like to know how to get a stall at your Markets on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday in Qeen St and South Bank. Thanks Teresa Perez colombian community Brisbane

    • Lizzie Loel

      Hi Teresa

      Have a look on the website – you will find an application form there. You can fill it out and submit and we will get back to you. Best Lizzie

  2. How much do you charge for the day stall at the wednesday market in queens street and the south bank.

    • Lizzie Loel

      We have all different prices for different sizes etc. If you like you can download a form and fill out the application. Then we can give you a price.

  3. Hi! Was wondering if selling baked goods such as cakes & slices can be sold at yr Wed Farmers market in the city?

  4. KR

    Queen street markets show conflicting start times on your website. Do they start at 6AM or 10AM?

    • Lizzie Loel

      The Queen Street Market opens at 10am officially but most stalls are open earlier than that. Closes at 6pm.

  5. Hi, I was in Brisbane last year and went to the markets, while there I purchased some boiled peanuts from a stall that was there. I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the company that sells the boiled peanuts as he was supposedly there all the time and I’ve forgotten the name.

  6. Hi, I am planning to visit the market tomorrow. I am slightly confused with the location. Could you please tell me where exactly , I can find the wedday market in Queen street.


    • Lizzie Loel

      Hi Soumya

      So sorry we only just received this message! the Markets are on every Wednesday at Reddacliffe Place at the very top of the mall. Corner of George Street – right in front of the Casino. We hope you can make it soon!

  7. Hey,

    What’s the name of the stall that does paella, if its more than one I feel like its steve’s or something’s paella. It was the one directly in the middle facing queen street today.
    I’m now their biggest fan.


    • Lizzie Loel

      Hi Anne
      Yes it is called Steve’s paella. Cheers Lizzie

  8. Hi
    Do you have craft stalls at your market?

    • Lizzie Loel

      Not at the City markets and we are currently full at all our other locations – sorry!

  9. Will the markets be open on the Wed Ekka public holiday??

    • Lizzie Loel

      No – no market on Ekka Day as all offices are closed.

  10. Query as to whether there will be Farmers Markets at Queens Street Mal on the 14th August as it is a public holiday.

    • Lizzie Loel

      Sorry we only just got this – no market today! See you next week!

  11. Hi,

    Just wondering whether you would be able to tell me the name of a stall that used to go to your markets (and maybe still does) in Brisbane City? The Stall sold mini deserts (for example – mini cheesecakes, mini puddings etc.).

    Thank you for your time.

  12. Just want to say these markets are fantastic and I really love going to them.
    Wish all of the stalls were open earlier than 9 or 10am as a lot of people start work quite early and don’t finish by 6pm. Still the ones that are open again. I really hope these markets continue! They are great.

    • Lizzie Loel

      Thank you Ally, many of the stall holders are open early but some stalls take longer to prepare.

  13. Hi! I’m hunting down some fresh coconuts…do you know if any stall holders sell them, even in Mitchelton? Thanks.

    • Lizzie Loel

      Hi Katherine

      I am going to email around and see if anyone has them for the city market on Wed or Powerhouse on Saturday. Best Lizzie

      • Any news on the coconuts Lizzie?

  14. Kim

    Hi I’m looking for the name of the giant donut place that was at the market? They disappeared for a while but I noticed they’re back Friday evenings in the same spot. Are they back at the Wednesday market? If not, do you remember the business name so I can find them on Facebook? Cheers.

  15. Hi, I used to go to the New Farm Markets quite a while ago (probably 4 years) and there was a knife sharpening guy. I was wondering whether he still attends the New Farm or Queen St markets?

  16. Hi. I lived in Brisbane 2 years ago and was used to go to Queen St. Farmers Market on Weds. I loved the organic yoghurts (fruit yoghurts with macadamia nuts, apple or passion fruit etc) that I purchased over there. Unfortunately I don’t remember their name, brand etc. Could you please help me to find out? I really appreciate your help.


  17. I am also wanting to know which market/s the knife sharpening guy attends, and the business name please. Thankyou for any assistance.

  18. Hi There,

    We have sent an application through late last year however have not heard back, just wondering if you received the paperwork or if it has gone astray.

    Kind regards,

  19. IM

    What is the name of the business that sells the hot smoked salmon at the Queen Street Market?

  20. have been waiting it for such a long time……..miss everything and everybody in the market…..

  21. I’ve sent an email last Friday, just want to know is it still open for application? Also about your rental for a small or medium sized stall. And in regards to power, how much carrier could you provide for a 20 amp machine on site? Thank you, we really look forward to your earliest reply.

  22. Hello, just wondering if there is still available site for a small stall stand? And may I know the rental price for it? Thank you!

  23. Hi there,
    Can anyone tell me if there is free parking available nearby the market? I am new to Brisbane city.

  24. Hi there,

    Can anyone tell me if there is a fresh flower stall at these markets?


  25. Dear there,

    I came to brisbane market and I would like to open my small store in here for selling my foods but i do not know how can I apply it before I am going to do, Could you please to give some information about it, like email or contact number.

    Looking forward to your early feedback.

    Thank you very much

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